Land Partners

Work with us to create beautiful countryside hideaways on your land



We cover everything from site design and planning application to setup and operation.

1 - Your Idea

If you are a land owner or know of a land owner who would like to diversify the income from their land then say hello.


2 - Say Hello

Get in touch and we will arrange a time for a chat on the phone.

3 - Site Visit

We will arrange a site visit to get to know more about you and your land and to see if it is a match!

Download a guide to how you can earn extra income from your land.

Sign up and you will receive a link that will take you to the guide. This is exactly the same process that we use for assessing, setting up and operating crAve sites with land partners.

The core of our business is creating beautiful and memorable countryside experiences for our guests while building long lasting relationships with land owners. We listen carefully to the needs of land owners to ensure we create the most sustainable possible site design that works well with existing site activities while generating extra income from the land. We will keep you up to date while we do the paperwork, install the site and get all the systems in place to welcome guests.

Ben Kilner

Founder & CEO, Crave Nature Limited

There are many business models in the holiday accommodation niche, but there are few that have the potential to grow exponentially. The crAve model not only embraces the growth of the glamping industry and the stability it showed during the economic upheaval (source: Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism) it also focuses on the desire of millennials to use their disposable income to fund experiences (source: Eventbrite – Millennials, Fueling The Experience Economy). That’s what makes the crAve proposal very interesting indeed.

Sarah Riley

Founder And Glamping Industry Expert, Inspired Camping

One of the best positioned concepts I have seen created on PE in recent years.

Daniel Hill

Entrepreneur and Investor, Entrepreneur in Residence at Nottingham University & Founder and Managing Director of PPN UK